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Days Gone By



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We hope you enjoy our unique designs as much as we do 🖤

Design Mold Size: Approximately 4” x 2.5” x 1.5" and deep

Custom drawn designs, copyrighted, certified and protected under the federal government. 

All our molds are crafted from hand-poured silicone and made to order. They can handle temperatures of up to 480 degrees and are primarily used for freshies, but they can also be used for resin, candles, and soaps.

Please note that color and silicone type may vary slightly, and the molds may have small imperfections, such as micro bubbles, debris, or 3D print lines.

 Additionally, as a special gesture of love, you may receive a tiny piece of fur from our furry companions, which is an unavoidable occurrence, despite our best efforts to prevent it.


****Please note that these molds are not suitable for small children or pets and should not be swallowed.

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