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Mosquito Repellent-All Natural-6 OZ

Mosquito Repellent-All Natural-6 OZ

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Have you heard the buzz???  Tired of fighting the varmints  that suck the life out of you, leaving you with the itch?  Are they telling you they too buzzy to hear you telling them to get lost?

🦟🦟🦟MOSQUITOS 🦟🦟🦟                    
Best Mosquito spray around!  Smells fresh and so darn amazing!  Clean, all natural and not diluted.  Contains no harmful ingredients like other products that contain alcohol, deet or other harsh chemicals.  Don’t miss out on this BUZZ!  Literally sell out every where we go! 🚫🦟🚫

Just shake it up and give it a spray and enjoy the outdoors again !


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