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Fire Starters

Fire Starters

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These amazing fire starters can be used for those wonderful Fall bonfires, or in your wood fireplace! Just place it into your fireplace/fire pit first & then light the wick.  Fire Starters burn long enough to get your firewood going and keep it going.  We recommend that you place the fire starter on a small flat piece of wood below the wood/kindling in your outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Light the wick and watch your fire start! Burn time is approx. 10-15 mins.

Instructions: Place the organic Firestarter under paper and kindling and logs and light! It will get your fire going in a whole new way! Enjoy the beautiful aromas, the scent typically can reach within 3-4 feet in wood burning fire place. If you are using it for outdoor firepits the scent will reach 1-2 feet.

These fire starters  come in a pack of 4 for $12.00  

Be mindful of your distance from the fire. Enjoy!

**IMPORTANT ** This is not a wax melt or a candle, and should only be used in a wood burning fireplace, or an outdoor fire pit!


~ Do NOT use as a candle or wax melt.
~ Place wax started under wood or logs and carefully light the wick.
~ Do NOT light the fire starter in your hand. 
~ Keep away from children & pets!
~ Never leave a fire unattended.
~ ONLY for use with outdoor pits, campfires & wood burning fireplaces.


Ingredients:Soy,beeswax,pinecones,dried oranges,cranberries,apricots,apples & blue berries. Infused with natural safe freshener including oil sage,cloves,rosemary, orange peels,cinnamon sticks,lavender,rose buds placed inside a cupcake liner. 

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