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LM Snowglobe Shaker and/or Cardstock Mold

LM Snowglobe Shaker and/or Cardstock Mold

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Time to bring out an oldie but goodie!!!! Shaker molds 🤗 Our regular mold is made to fit , 3” round cardstock on the lower inset and clear acetate card/cardstock on the upper inset.  Our pixie is made to fit 2” cardstock  

We hope you enjoy our unique drawn designs as much as we do 🖤

Our molds are made of food grade silicone, non- toxic, non-smell and BPA free and heat resistant: to 400F. 
Design Mold Size:Regular Mold Approximately 5” x 2.125” x 1.5" and deep
Pixie Mold Approximately 3.1” x 3.89” x 1.5" and deep
Custom drawn designs, copyrighted, certified and protected under the federal government. 
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