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Home Fragrance Spray

Home Fragrance Spray

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Welcome to our boutique ❤️
Our Premium Home Fragrance Spray allows you to freshen up any room and immediately fill it with your favorite scent. Whether it is your living room, dorm room, or office, the our Home Fragrance Spray will let you instantly experience the rich, aromatic fragrances.  Add a little lagniappe to your home. The perfect gift for all ❤️

  • Premium, one-of-a-kind fragrances created in-house by a dedicated team. 
  • Environmental friendly, premium quality, and safe to use. 


    DO NOT place spray directly on any surface. For air spray only. We are not responsible for any damages. 

    DO NOT INGEST-Keep away from children and pets.

    Any questions, please ask❤️🌻❤️ 

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